Frequently Asked Questions

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Who or what is the CSUS Helpdesk?!
The CSUS Helpdesk is a free, peer-to-peer tutoring service that is run by the Computer Science Undergraduate Society, and is comprised of undergraduate students in the faculty of Computer Science at McGill Univeristy.
Where is the CSUS Helpdesk located?
We are located in Trottier building, on the third floor, in room 3090 (Link to Google Maps)
What are the opening hours of the CSUS Helpdesk?
The hours of operation are from 10AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday. We usually begin tutoring services the day after add-drop, and end one week before final exams.
How do I get help from the Helpdesk?
Currently, the CSUS helpdesk is drop-in only. This means that you should come into the room and look for tutors with blue lanyards. if none are available, sit tight and flag them down when they become available!
Where can I find information about the review sessions?
Review sessions are held for both midterms and finals of most introductory courses, such as Comp 202, Comp 206, and Comp 250. The information for these sessions can be found on our facebook page (under events). Starting in the Winter of 2018, review sessions have been free to attend.
How is the CSUS Helpdesk funded?
The Tomlinson Engagement Award for Mentoring, as well as budget from the Computer Science Undergraduate Society.
How can I join the CSUS Helpdesk?
The CSUS Helpdesk holds interviews before each term. Please be on the look out for the applications on our facebook page, or in the listserv.